What is tsubasa ?

tsubasa is the current codename of a window manager's project.

It is written in C++, mostly using safe programming techniques, uses midtalk and gtkmm.

Its goal is for me to explore modern desktop programming technologies and how object and component oriented programming can improve our developer's experience in this area.

Current status

Currently, tsubasa is able to correctly size window, draw frames around them with a title bar showing their name and the current focus, and allows the user to resize and to move framed windows.

Its further goal is to implement the complete EWMH specification in order to be useable in modern desktop environments.

tsubasa also includes mazeru, a program that is intended to become a compositing manager and currently serves as a Xcomposite demo.


tsubasa 0.1 requires midtalk 0.1 and gtkmm 2.10. midtalk 0.1 itself requires boost.

To build thoses projects you will also need cmake.


You can download tsubasa 0.1 here. You will also need midtalk 0.1.

Both programs can be built with : cmake . ; make ; make install.


It is recommanded that you use Xephyr in order to test tsubasa, as it is not very stable at the moment.